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We design handmade jewelry made with a lot of love in Barcelona for your Shop

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Laia Planas, I am the designer of LaMineria Artesana, a brand of handmade jewelry and jewelry in a small town in Barcelona.

I've been dedicated to my passion for over 20 years. At the age of 12 I began the passion for jewelry and accessories, after much practice, at the age of 18 I started my project of designing, manufacturing and distributing jewelry to shops.

About 8 years ago I created a brand more focused on the end customer, I created my, I looked for an image that could identify my passion for jewelry, and I started with social media to grow my company. Today we have some well-known bloggers with more than 100 thousand followers, some Spanish Celebrities such as the actress Esmeralda Moya or Adriana Torrebejano with our jewels in their day to day and in their special events.

Currently in LaMineria artesana we are three people working, my mother, my husband and I. Between the three of us we split the tasks and organized the teamwork and in a very familiar environment.

My passion for XL earrings, necklaces and rings have made me design comfortable pieces to wear, timeless pieces with quality and very economical materials after many years of research. My collections are limited to give a more personal touch to the end customer's look.

Every season I create new collections that will only be for a few months, with limited edition designs and, within my most classic collections, new pieces to give a fresh air.

We have been distributing our designs in stores in Spanish territory for more than 10 years, and also in some in the USA, Ecuador and Italy.

Our conditions to stores are simple and easy for both parties.

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