Take care of your jewelry the easy way with these tips

Our jewelry

Our jewelery pieces are made of zamak, bathed in copper, bathed in 1micron 18k gold or silver.

They are pieces manufactured in the Bages region, in a small workshop. Combined with a chain made in Mahón, iron, silver plated and lacquered so that it does not cause allergies and your bathroom lasts longer.

Our Jewels


Our designs made in silver are totally handmade, in 925 silver, the first piece is handcrafted and then made in a mold in the artisan workshop.

Silver pieces can be plated in 18k gold or 1 micron of silver to give more years of life and a more polished and shiny finish.

Stainless steel

They are designs that we manufacture in stainless steel, a metal used surgically for being hypoallergenic, that is why stainless steel is ideal for working in jewelry because it is harder, resistant and does not cause allergies.

To take care of your jewelry

Whatever metal they are, the best thing is that as long as you are not wearing your jewelry, you keep them in a box, a cloth bag or in your jewelry box.

The pieces bathed in gold or silver, so that your bath lasts longer, it is best to take them in humid places such as the shower, pool or beach.


The pieces made of 925 silver, the best we can do is wear them, the more the better! Why? because the more silver we wear it, the more it will shine and the better it will look.

When we do not wear our silver jewelery, it is best to keep them tightly closed in a bag so that it does not get dirty with dust and does not turn dark or yellow.

All metal pieces, whether silver or plated, or plated ... they always get dirty from air and dust, from our friction on the body if we wear cream, colognes, etc., they can make the finish last less and become ugly.


Whenever a silver or silver-plated or silver-plated jewel, if not worn for a while, turns dark, it is best to take an eraser ( If a lifelong eraser) and you will see how quickly and easily the piece will regain its shine. You can also take a cloth from cottonand clean them.