Zodiac Guide

Do you want to know which minerals go best with your Zodiac sign and what properties they have?

your minerals according to your zodiac sign

I have created a Zodiac Guide because I am passionate about minerals and so that you can learn more about your sign and the minerals that can best help you.

For me, after so many years making jewelry with minerals and studying their properties, I have learned that each sign of the zodiac has several minerals that help balance and improve the energy of our body and mind.

I have chosen the 3 minerals that best combine for each sign of the Zodiac, creating the ideal jewel for your body and mind.

I have made some comfortable and simple designs for you, to carry with you every day.

In the Zodiac collection you can see all the options that I have created for you.

ZODIAC Collection

Now you can wear a piece of jewelry that you can combine with your daily looks and that will also help you look better in your daily life.
Learn what properties the minerals in your jewelry have with the Zodiac Guide!

You can download the ZODIAC GUIDE TOTALLY FREE