Mineral Therapy Combinations

Mineral Therapy Los Chacras


Do you sometimes feel that you lack energy to face your day to day?

Are you afraid of the situation you have now in your life and more with what is happening worldwide?

Do you want to improve your relationships, your self-esteem, your mind-body balance?


After many years working with minerals, creating special designs and experiencing an infinity of reactions with them ...

I have created the new Mineral Therapy collection, a collection where each jewel is made with a purpose, to help improve certain aspects of our life, our person and our body.


- There are an infinity of combinations to be made with minerals and, not everyone can use the same combination for the same purpose, The combination that most attracts our attention due to its colors will always work best for us, not for its properties.




How does each combination benefit us?



This combination of minerals is thought to help concentrate our mind, to be able to study better. Pyrite gives us more confidence, leads us to success. Citrine gives us perspective, security, strength and ability. Amethyst helps us to focus the mind on what is important, to calm it, to disconnect from everything and connect to what matters to us.

These 3 minerals will benefit us in projects, studies, companies ...



This combination of minerals is designed to help us accept, understand and be able to adapt to this great change that we are experiencing throughout the world. It contains three minerals capable of helping us overcome the changes we are experiencing at all levels. To be able to adapt to this new stage that is coming to us on a social and global level.

We have to be able to adapt and evolve.






This combination of 4 minerals can help us if you want or we are undertaking a project or our own project. The 4 minerals complete the perfect balance to undertake. White quartz gives us clarity and helps us to be more centered. Lapis lazuli helps us to be more intuitive. Jade helps us to act more successfully and Garnet gives us inner strength. The perfect combination to be able to undertake with enthusiasm and success!



Mineral Therapy Nerves




This combination will help us to be calmer, to not have our minds so busy with all the problems and thoughts that we have in our heads every day. It will bring us relief, it will help us not to be afraid of everything that is happening to us, it will help us better cope with states of nerves, situations that can overwhelm us both on a day-to-day basis and in emergency situations and that exceed our limits. , This bracelet could help you to have a clearer mind and better face any obstacle that requires quick action.



Mineral Therapy Life Change



This combination will help you whether you are thinking of making a radical change in your life or, if you want to make some changes in your habits, have more confidence in yourself for this change you want to make. It gives us strength to know more clearly what we want, to listen to our own voice. To be more connected with our creativity, with our desire for what we want to do in this life. The combination will help you to better know what you want, what you need and to act for it.



Minera Therapy Amor



This combination will help you not only in love, this combination will help you to be better with yourself, to be more aware of your emotions, it balances the emotional state, which in some moments can make us bad times. Not everyone can control their emotions or always be perfect, right? These two minerals will help us to be emotionally balanced, to be more sure of ourselves and to know how to enjoy more of what our heart feels.



Mineral Therapy Abundance



This combination carries the best known minerals to attract money. In this matter I am always very sincere; this bracelet will not make you win the lottery or drop money from the sky, this combination helps us to be more aware of our economy, it helps us to better understand what money is, to be more aware that they are not a necessity but a means with which we exchange objects, food, needs ... If it is true that having this combination close to you it seems that you have more money, that happens because it helps us focus on more fruitful jobs, on being more productive, on having more success in your business, to better achieve your goals.

If you are an entrepreneur, businessman or student, this combination will help you to be more focused on what is necessary to better achieve your successes.



Mineral Therapy Self Esteem



This combination will help you to love yourself, to take care of yourself, to know that you have to take care of yourself first. This combination for women gives us a lot of strength, balances our emotions, our ideas, our most feminine part to be more focused on ourselves, on what we want, on what we do, on what to focus our attention, our feeling and our Energy.

It is a combination that every adolescent should be close to due to the great changes that our body makes at the beginning of menstruation. Every woman, due to all the hormonal changes that we suffer in the different stages, the beginning, in pregnancy and in menopause, constant changes until one day our body makes the last change.



Mineral Therapy Family



This combination will help us to have a better family relationship with us. If it is complicated, there are always nerves, stress, bad mood, accidents ... in short, if there are always "problems" this combination will help us to better face these situations, to better understand the relationship, to be better energetically, more protected. Black tourmaline is very protective and will help you not be affected so emotionally by bad situations in your family when you can no longer do more to help.



Sociable Mineral Therapy



This combination helps us to know how to relate better. Many people find it difficult to know how to relate in public, to be more open, or even to know how to interact in meetings, on dates, at events ... this combination will help us to be more sociable with other people, to know how to be less nervous and know how to express ourselves best. At events, at meetings, at exhibitions ... it will help us express ourselves better and more successfully.



Mineral Therapy Willpower



This combination will help us to have more willpower, to have a better focus on what we want to do, what we are looking for and to find the methods, the strength and the confidence to act. The combination will help us to be more focused, more relaxed and to act better and with more confidence to achieve our goals.


Mineral Therapy Fear



This combination protects us from ourselves, from our fears, helps us to be stronger, not to be affected by the external things that we see on the news, tv, internet ... to be more real around us and to be more strong in the face of adversity.


Mineral Therapy Protection



This combination will help us to be more energetically protected. Ideal for people who work in health, funeral homes, teaching, offices full of people ... The two minerals that it combines will help us to be energetically protected but also to have more inner strength.


Mineral Therapy Depression



This combination isn't just for depressed people. This combination will help us not to be so negative, not to see everything black and deastrous. It will help us to see our fears hidden, to know how to find gradually mental calm, to cleans our minds of negative thoughts and, little by little, to make way for a calmer and more relaxed mind. It helps us to see more clearly around us, our life as it is right now, the present, and to be able to act in a better, more positive way. Being positive is essential to improve day by day.


Mineral Therapy Los chakras


This bracelet helps to balance the energetic points of our body, Los Chacras.

It is composed of the 10 minerals that work best in each chakra to be able to balance and activate the proper functioning of each one.








The texts are an explanatory summary. Text: Laia Planas- www.lamineriaartesana.com