Breastfeeding or Maternity Necklace

breastfeeding necklace

A new necklace thought and designed for its natural and beneficial properties both for pregnant women, mothers or simply because you have many changes in your life, or in your body or in your emotions and these minerals call you.

It is a necklace for you if you want to benefit from its properties before, during and after pregnancy.

It is a perfect nursing necklace for you and your baby. To wear when you breastfeed or bottle-feed and so he can play with the necklace, due to its shapes, temperatures and colors and both of you will benefit from the properties of each of the minerals that the combinations contain.

A perfect necklace during pregnancy and afterwards for the recovery of your body, your hormones, your emotions and for the radical change that has made your life.

- Each mineral has its properties that you can benefit from:

White Quartz is the “wild card” mineral since it is a mineral that works on the entire body on an energetic level, balancing it, cleansing it and regenerating it on an energetic level, but also emotionally and mentally.

Amethyst , a perfect mineral for our mind, calming our nerves, being calm, relaxed and calm for our baby and for ourselves is essential for having a good recovery and motherhood. This stone also cleanses us energetically and increases our intuition. For your baby, this mineral helps him to be calm and relaxed.

Rose Quartz calms our emotions, balances the hormonal and emotional part. Be calm and feel that feeling of love with your baby in an energetically balanced way. In addition, it helps babies feel comfortable and with the warmth of love.

Tiger's Eye , a mineral of protection and help to see who is around you. In these moments of so many “know-it-alls” and envy, it doesn't hurt to protect yourself and see how to calm the words of others to separate your energy and that of your baby from others.

Moonstone, the perfect mineral for women in all phases of life, especially hormonal/emotional ones. It is a stone that will help you re-regulate your body, on an energetic and hormonal level. In addition, it calms bad emotions and increases self-confidence, to be well with you and your baby.

They are handmade with 100% natural minerals and a 316 stainless steel chain so they don't cause allergies so you can wear them as much as you want.

Now, if you have just become a mother, it is best to wear the necklace for breastfeeding or bottle feeding since it is better that the baby does not have the option of putting the necklace in his mouth since they are natural minerals and could be dangerous.